Lorenz is founded in Milano in via Monte Napoleone in the year 1934. The founder and master watchmaker Tullio Bolletta senses the possibility to combine in one product the unique Italian style with the Swiss technical master watchmaking. He is in the forefront for those times with the concept of Italian style blended with Swiss manifacture.


In 1951 are produced in Switzerland the first exclusive movements for Lorenz with 19 and 25 jewels and with anti-shock incabloc balance wheel.


In 1960 Lorenz obtains his first international award with Static table clock, designed by 29 years old young promising Richard Sapper, winning the Compasso D’Oro. In 2019 Static is back on the market with a new Made In Italy production and a dedicated e-commerce (www.lorenz-static.it).


During the sixties Lorenz starts its collaboration with important Swiss manufacturers such as AQUASTAR and EDOX to produce technical divers watches for professionals.


During the seventies Lorenz is in the forefront with the DIRECTIME collection. Those watches are caracterized by a unique style and are showing the time with jumping hours.


In the eighties, while the watch market is booming, Lorenz launches a winning collection of chronographs with Japanese movement and alarm. Still today those watches are a milestone for the Lorenz collectors. In those years the Montecarlo collection is created, bearing a black plated satin case; it is one of the most successful collections ever of Lorenz and today’s Granpremio Collection is inspired to Montecarlo.


In 1984, after half of century from its foundation, Lorenz celebrates its historical headquarter. The Montenapoleone collection is released. Elegant in every shape, from the materials to the design and production techniques. The uniqness of the collection stands in the combination of stainless steel and rose gold and the case constuction with hidden crown and moving lugs.


During the second half of the eighties, Lorenz creates the Neos collection, a challenge in technical innovation and post modern design through the collaboration with George Sowden and Nathalie du Pasquier from the Memphis Group.


In 1994, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the company foundation, the first Anniversaire model is released; this model, in 18 carat solid gold, bearing mechanical movements, is insipred to the icon Lorenz models of the fifties.


In the first 2000 Lorenz consolidates its collaboration with designers and through an international design contest starts the cooperation with Culdesac Espacio Creativo, a team of Spanish designers. This brings to the creation of Neos Chronograph, that shows for the first time a “sandwich” case construction; with this model Lorenz wins its second Compasso D’Oro in 2008.


In 2016 the brand Lorenz is purchased by Leader Watch Company, a new company owned by Italian experts in the timepiece business since over fifty years. Leader Watch relaunches Lorenz brand with new investments and a new marketing approach and following new production guidelines, new distribution and communication policies. Under the flag of “Italian Classic” new collections are developed such as Granpremio (sport watches inspired to motorsport) and professional divers. Those diving watches are inspired by historical Lorenz marine collections such as Delfin, Acapulco, Aquitania, Ouragan and represents today the best of Lorenz collection.


In 2019 Anniversary collection is created. Those timepieces bear unique mechanical movements with affordable prices to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the brand.


Lorenz today offers a collection of classic watches both for gents and ladies. The brand values are inspired to tradition, keeping quality and technical specifications in high consideration. The vision of the brand in summarized in the concept “ITALIAN CLASSIC SINCE 1934” combining Swiss Watchmaking expertise, quality of the materials, innovative and classic designs, able to satisfy a loyal and demanding customer.


Lorenz counts today over 1.500 official dealers in Italy and is engaged to build a strong relationship with its retialers and customers.

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