This elegant table clock branded Lorenz comes from a very prestigeous signature like Richard Sapper, world famous German designer that lived much of his professional life in Italy.

Among the pillars of this project we can find the armony of the shapes and the absence of corners that leaves space to smooth and rounded lines.

Main specifiations and production materials

The Static table clock is sold with a cylinder shape leather saffiano box that is undoubtedly very elegant.

This timepiece has a special shape; it can lay on every surface in a very eyecatching way. The “suspended” position enables to perfectly read the time. Most probably Lorenz and Sapper choosen its name in 1959 to enphasize this feature.

Lorenz Static has a weight of 850 grams and its size is 9,5 x 6,5 x 6,5 cm. It is a clock that occupies a small space on a table or on night stand, but with a significant weight comparing to its total shape.

To manufacture this clock Lorenz has chosen first quality materials, all coming from Italy. The case is made of solid stainless steel, the dial is in aluminium, the glass is acrylic with a curved lens shape. The dial has a white background with classic arabic black numbers. The hands are in aluminium as well. The central seconds hand is in red color and the dial is also decorated with Lorenz vintage logo and “Static” name. Lorenz Static can be chosen in different colors and finishings.

The model I chose for this review, the black laquered one, is for sure one of the most requested and also one of the most versatile.

The movement of this table clock

Lorenz Static is equipped with a very precise German UTS quartz movement with central seconds.

Lorenz Static is a luxury table clock; for this reason it is not an inexpensive item. Its price is sligthly higher than 400 euro, definitely well balanced comparing to the materials and the brand.

Collectors opinions

Opinions on Lorenz Static are generally very positive.

Its value lasts in the decades or even increases. Static is a decorative design object; the customers purchasing Static are looking for extetic rather than performance.

Many watch lovers consider Static a collector’s piece and I recommend this timepiece for a prestigeous gift, to address in special occasions.